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PR Futures: The Team

Justyne Whyke

Partner & Frustrated Pop Star

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts

Justyne formed PR Futures with Andy in 2007. Today her focus is on building strong relationships with clients and candidates, and developing the PR Futures brand.

Andy Ross

Partner & Sports 'Go To' Guru

Dislikes: Reality TV

Andy once played tennis at a national level, ran his own tennis academy, and holds a degree in sports science. Andy and Justyne joined forces to start PR Futures in 2007.

Josy Goldsmith

Consultant & Office Mummy

Dislikes: Bad manners

Josy has a degree in social science and has spent ten years in recruitment. Initially at REED, she has now been with PR Futures for four years. Josy spends her day head hunting and networking.

Michael Sinclair

Partner & Distinguished Old Boy

Dislikes: Spending money

Michael has an extensive background in developing and investing in growing companies. He keeps hold of the purse strings and is the 'calming influence' within the team.