None of us are as smart as all of us

Team Players

Justyne Whyke

Partner & Frustrated Pop Star

Likes: Tennis, Formula 1, running (ran the London Marathon in 4 hours) travelling, a good red wine, and eating out.

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts

Justyne formed PR Futures in 2006. Today her focus is on building strong relationships with clients and developing the PR Futures brand.

Andy Ross

Partner & Sports 'Go To' Guru

Likes: Seeing the world, playing tennis, watching Southampton FC (through a grimace), weekend papers and belly laughs.

Dislikes: Reality TV

Andy once played tennis at a national level, ran his own tennis academy, and holds a degree in sports science. Andy and Justyne joined forces at PR Futures in 2014.

Josy Goldsmith

Consultant & Office Mummy

Likes: Jamming on her guitar, caravans, and running around after her two adorable girls.

Dislikes: Bad manners

Josy has a degree in social science and started her career in recruitment at REED before moving to PR Futures.

Michael Sinclair

Partner & Distinguished Old Boy

Likes: Tea (by the gallon), digestive biscuits, cheesy sci-fi movies and 'knowing best'!

Dislikes: Spending money

Michael has an extensive background in developing and investing in growing companies. He keeps hold of the purse strings and is the calming influence within the team.