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Job seeker / Interview Tips & other Advice for the Workplace

From coping with redundancy to planning a career move, from job-hunting and acing interviews to settling into a new role, we hope that these articles are useful to those looking to take their career somewhere new.

PR Interview Questions & Answers

A list of the most common questions and a guide to the kind of answers your interviewer wants to hear... read article

Counter Offers - Why You Should Almost Always Not Accept

When handing in notice, a counter-offer from your current employer is increasingly common. We explain why accepting this is usually a bad idea... read article

How to Impress at a Job Interview - Good Interview Technique

Apart from what you say, there are other things that your interviewer(s) will notice. A few pointers to help you create a good impression... read article

The Right Way To Deal with Telephone Interviews

Applicants need to get used to the likelihood of a telephone interview to kick start the selection process. Some tips that could make the difference... read article

PR & Communications CV Guide plus Example / Template

PR & Communications CVs must show you're good at pitching creatively, clearly and concisely. A step by step guide plus a template / example.. read article

Quitting Your Job - How to Resign the Best Way

Resigning can be unpleasant, but quitting your job is something you'll almost certainly do at some point. Here are some tips on what to do... read article

I Hate My Job! Help and Advice for the Unhappy Employee.

Do you find yourself thinking this? Relax - you're not alone. Now, see if these tips can help get you into a happier place... read article

Tips on Job Hunting: the Strategies, Advice & Skills you will need

Job hunting? A few tried and tested techniques and the right mental attitude are all you need. Our step by step list has plenty of tips and advice... read article

Coping With Redundancy

Handling redundancy in the best way possible will give you a platform from which to move forward with your working life. A step by step quick guide... read article

Good Office / Workplace Etiquette & Manners

Good manners and etiquette are important in the workplace, especially when starting in a new office, so here's our list of 'dos and don'ts' to help... read article