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LinkedIn, CV & Interview Tips

Whether you're interested in Agency or In-House roles, PR Futures' Tips for Candidates include vital CV, LinkedIn and Interview Advice.

What to Wear to Job Interviews

People form an initial impression of you in seven seconds. Simple tips to stop poor appearance being an issue, so you can focus on getting that job. read more

Added on 09.10.2020

Candidates - Why You Should Use a Recruitment Consultant?

Working with a specialist recruitment consultant who knows your niche back to front has many advantages. We run you through them. read more

Added on 29.05.2020

PR & Communications CVs - Simple Dos and Don'ts

A few tips from a PR recruiter who has seen far too many bad CVs! A companion article for our guide to writing a killer PR & Communications CV. read more

Added on 04.06.2016

Likely Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

At interview and asked something seemingly random? Your interviewer is likely trying to build a picture of you the person, rather than you the worker. read more

Added on 06.04.2016

Words to stay away from on your LinkedIn profile

There are certain words that make recruiters' eyes glaze over when they read them. Stop your LinkedIn profile looking like thousands of others. read more

Added on 02.04.2014

Looking like a 'Jack of All Trades' Can Hurt Employment Prospects

Don't overwhelm or distract employers with pages of skills that don't relate to the job in hand; instead, let your key skills find you your dream job. read more

Added on 24.02.2014

CVs still vital in recruitment. Get spelling and grammar right!

With the emphasis on social media these days, you might think that a LinkedIn profile could replace a CV, but you'd be dead wrong. read more

Added on 19.03.2012

Interviews - What Employers are Really Looking For

The questions a candidate is asked at a PR job interview should be to determine three things: strengths, motivation and fit. read more

Added on 15.02.2012