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for DIGITAL PEOPLE: inspiration & fun

Your First Role in PR -Some Advice

You've secured your first PR role: well done on this achievement. What now? HereĀ areĀ some tips to help you take your first steps in your new career. read more

Added on 22.07.2020

Some of our favourite PR successes so far in 2013

From the straightforward to the hi-tech, from the honest to the tongue-in-cheek, here's some of our favourite recent happenings in the world of PR. read more

Added on 29.09.2013

What the new Daft Punk album can teach us about marketing

The excitement that has built around Daft Punk's first 'proper' new long playing release since 2005 is a good reminder of some marketing truths. read more

Added on 22.05.2013