Candidates - Why You Should Use a Recruitment Consultant?

If you're looking for a new job, we recommend finding a specialist recruitment consultant who knows your niche back to front.

But... of course we'd say that.

So why should you work with a recruiter? We'll run through the many benefits that come with this relationship.

We'll streamline your search

We all know that looking can be tedious and frustrating, but a good consultant recruiter will assist you and refine this process. It is a consultant's full-time job to find the right candidate for the right company. Think of them us as your professional matchmaker. A good consultant will take the legwork out of the search for you.

We'll stop you wasting time

An experienced consultant will know what the hiring manager is looking for (and they might well know the manager personally) and will be able to assess whether you fit that description. You will then have your CV sent to the right open vacancies that match not only your skills but also your career aspirations and cultural fit.

We'll help you present yourself in the best light

You will also have a trusted expert highlighting your qualifications, as well as advising you on how best to present yourself and how to sell your skills and talents to a potential employer at interview, giving you the very best chance to show the hiring manager why you are the person they've been looking for to fill this role. 

We know your value

Have you been offered a role before and thought that the salary and package was not fair? If so, you are not alone. Most candidates are not certain of their market value. Your consultant works in their specialist field every day and has the market knowledge and the negotiation skills to ensure that you get the offer you deserve from a new employer. This is something that if you try to do yourself you might find difficult and uncomfortable.

We have unlisted jobs

Because consultants have long term relationships with businesses and hiring managers, we will have access to jobs that might not be in the public domain yet. Many hiring managers will come straight to the recruiter they work with before posting a job - or even writing up a formal description.

Not only will you be first in line for that perfect job, you will have your foot in the door. Your resume won't be sitting in a pile; your CV will be in the hiring manager's in-box, and that manager will know from your consultant that you are qualified for the role. Plus, your consultant will have made sure your CV is 'match ready' and one that the manager will want to explore with you.

We can offer interview advice

Before your interview, your consultant will walk you through the process. This includes running through example questions with you, advising you on how to highlight your strengths and answer questions intelligently and succinctly. You will also get the heads up on what the interviewer is looking for. This will enable you to really prepare and have a strategy that shows off your skills. 

After the interview, they will also do their utmost to get you constructive feedback, making you even more well-prepared in the future.

We offer total confidentiality

It should go without saying that any application to a consultant is strictly confidential, and that you will not have to be concerned that your current employer will find out that you are searching for a new role. This is crucial for many candidates in smaller sectors and industries where everyone knows each other.

We'll have further opportunities

If you don't get the role, we'll almost certainly have others that you are suited for now or in the future. 

And, once we've helped you to successfully find a new job, the relationship does not end there. A few years down the line, and you feel you are ready to make your next move: your recruiter may well be way ahead of you. Good recruitment consultants are there throughout their candidates' careers.

Finding the right specialist recruiter could pay off in the short, medium and long term and ensure that you never again have to embark on a lengthy or fruitless job search. The key is to find someone who works your niche, and someone you like dealing with.

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