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Five Ways You Can Stand Out To Your Employer

We are living through very uncertain times and the world is changing before our eyes. Many people are worried about keeping their jobs. There is already talk about and economic downturn and companies could be looking to make redundancies. 

We have put together five simple rules on establishing yourself as an invaluable member of your team and boosting your long-term employment prospects. 

Added on 06.05.2020

1. Understand what your employer values

There are a variety of skills that employers value most, but the key ones we should always remember are:

  • resilience;
  • adaptability;
  • flexibility; and
  • thoughtfulness.

You need to bring these to your new WFH role. Being kind and thoughtful to your co-workers, managers and those furloughed, will show that you are a colleague who wants to be part of a team, someone who cares. So, think of ways that you can show the above attributes. Of course, we are happy to offer advice on this.

2. Be a creative thinker

It is not just about being caring and thoughtful, but also about bringing new ideas to the table. If there is an obstacle, think of ways you can solve the problem, or 'add value'.

With more and more business changing the way they do business now, the rulebook has been thrown out the window. The saying goes 'the only bad idea is not having any at all'.

3. Keep learning

It is hard to keep up with every new trend or new technology, but now is your chance. You may have more time on your hands currently, so use it wisely.

Develop new skills, listen to new webinars. The plus about the market right now is that people and companies are offering their time and expertise to you. There is a lot of free training out there, so use it.

Once we are back to the new normal these resources will all cost money again, so make the most of them now. Plus, it will show your boss your commitment and passion for your industry.

4. Get the job done

More than ever, managers need people they can trust and who will get the job done. Become that trusted pair of hands. Companies are looking for people who can solve their pain points. Managers are looking for people who can focus on creating a solution and then executing it.

5. Show empathy

Empathy is so important during this pandemic. It will make others feel good about working with you, it will be greatly appreciated, and it will lead to you likely keeping your job. Those candidates who bring empathy to the role will be remembered and will be the ones people want to work with. Being a joy to work with will help you keep your position and rise to the top of your profession, even though it can be difficult, especially at times when everyone is stressed, and anxiety is high.

However, there are some simple steps which can see you become more empathetic and see your colleagues believe in your empathetic skills. What can you do?

Reach out and ask how your team members are doing. Then actively listen as they share what is happening with them, try and think of ways you can help, how you 'add value'. This can be taking workload from them, sharing new ideas, sharing learning tools, going above and beyond.

Just because you are working from home you do not need to be silent. Whilst business is in flux at the moment, these small steps can see you stand out to colleagues, managers and leaders, and they will begin to see you as a central figure - one that they need as part of their team and their future.

These are simple steps to implement. If you would like to discuss any of these then please do call us for a confidential chat.