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So, You Want To Change Careers?

It is always exciting to get a 'light bulb' moment, and realise that THIS is the job you would like to do. I made the decision many years back to leave PR and enter the world of recruitment. Although it was hard to begin with, I have never looked back.

If you're considering making your own move, I hope the advice below will help you get on your way.

Added on 06.05.2020

Why do you want to move jobs?

Lots of people dislike their job, and at this time in this crazy world we have a lot of time to reflect and think about what is important in our lives. Plotting to change career might be something on your mind.

Make sure before you start all this that you have really investigated what your new career will look like. You do not want to leave a successful career and to start something new that you ultimately dislike, as it is a lot of effort to change careers. So, research and be sure!

Speak to people in the sector you want to move into to make sure you really know what you are moving into. Remember the old saying: the grass isn't always greener!

What can you bring to the table?

In other words what are your transferable skills? This is key.

Start by writing down what you are good at, what you have experience in and what skills you feel you would lack. So, for example: if you are looking to change into a PR role, you will firstly understand what a PR consultant does, their day to day duties and how does that compare with what you are doing? Make a check list of what you are currently doing and compare, this will help you with up-skilling.

What is it going to take?

You will have looked into the skills you need and the skills you lack. When it comes to acquiring the skills you lack, do you need to attend a course, or can you gain work experience?

For example, if you want to move into PR:

  • do you need a CIPR course?
  • do you need to up-skill on social media?
  • do you need to improve your desktop skills?
  • can you get the experience you need by working after hours in another department of your company or for a friend?

Have you made a plan?

It is always very hard to change careers, but 'where there's a will, there's a way’. Make a plan, set goals within that and set yourself a time frame.

Make sure you have a great CV

This should show your transferable skills (we've advice on CVs here, and advice specific to PR here), and make sure that you have a red-hot cover letter.

Reach out to recruiters in your sector

Use any network you may have, and utilise social media. Just make sure you’re networking.

When you are embarking on a career change, you have to go to the job, the job won’t come to you - not yet!

Don’t give up

Changing careers can be one of the best decisions you will make. It is hard, takes time, research and patience, but it can be SO worth it. When I changed careers, I was determined, and it paid off. So make sure you have a great CV, the right skills, and get out there.

Good Luck!

Justyne, PR Futures