Stand Out: Three Ways to Help Your Recruiter Help You

People often get frustrated by the job-hunting process and feel they have to jump through hoops to get noticed.

It's hard work to be a good candidate: tailored CVs, applications and interview preparation all take time and effort at any time, let alone in a competitive job market. And, even if you're great, if there's someone better-suited to the role then you'll be rejected. 

Here's three simple tips from an experienced recruiter to stand out, by helping us to help you.

ONE: Make a good first impression

We all know that first impressions are the most important, so make yours a good one and learn how to sell yourself.

Recruiters speak to lots of people every day. We have to make very quick decisions - not just on your skills and experience, but also on how you will fit culturally.

So work on making an impact and making us remember you. We suggest having a 30-second 'elevator pitch' so we know exactly:

  • what it is you're looking for, and 
  • what sort of an environment you thrive in.

If you have this practised, you won't 'um and ah' or stumble through it.

Good communication skills are an advantage in any sector but essential in PR & Communications.

TWO: Be honest and frank

We need to understand:

  • who you are (what drives you);
  • what your experience is; and
  • what your goals are.

When we know this, we will know which of our clients is going to be a good match for you. Remember, we work for them too.

So, highlight why you are the best for the role you want, but be honest and transparent about your experience (or lack of it). Tell us what you feel your key achievements are, what your passions are, what makes you tick - and what doesn't. Don't try to be something you're not, or express interest in roles that involve things you don't really want to do.

Only when we have a proper picture of who you really are and what you really want can your recruiter truly partner with you as a consultant.

Then we can make sure that you are put forward for jobs that match your aptitude, ability, experience, career objectives and personality. Not only will you stand a better chance of landing a new job, but you will stand a better chance of being happy in it and continuing to grow and prosper in your career. 

THREE: Don't be shy - Ask!

Relationships work best when expectations are clearly expressed, and this applies to the recruiter/candidate partnership.

We have extensive knowledge within the PR sector, we're expert recruiters - so if there is something you need to know then just ask.

If you need more feedback, then just ask! It is sometimes hard to get specific feedback direct from clients, but we do our utmost to provide you with this. If you are waiting to hear from us, it's most often because the client hasn't provided feedback or an updates yet - it isn't always our fault! 

Open communication is key to building a strong partnership. Keep in touch with us, and make contact whenever you feel the need - we're here to support you, we're always happy to give you an update - so do stay in touch.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity and want to work with an agency that will work as a team for you, get in touch with PR Futures today.