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Salary Survey 2012

We've completed our salary survey for 2012; here's what we noticed. Comparing data from our 2010 survey, salaries haven't drastically changed in the last few years.

One of the challenges we have found is finding good Account Managers and Account Directors in both the Consumer and Technology sectors.

Added on 16.08.2012

Companies are rewarding their staff and making sure that they offer promotions and competitive salaries, as well as developing their benefits packages. Small things can make a big difference to candidates: examples are Birthday off, duvet days, drinks Fridays, fixed training budget, staff socials, gym membership, free phones.

There has been a move within agencies to also become more flexible and offer work/life balance, with flexible hours and work from home options, reflecting the fact that work/life balance is becoming a priority for candidates and the reason why most move from agency to in-house positions.

Part time and job share roles are still very rare, with companies potentially missing out on some exceptional talent, namely mums wanting to return to work but only for 2-3 days weekly.

Generally candidates look to leave a company for the following reasons:

  • they want a promotion or new challenges,
  • they want (of course!) more money, and
  • they want a better work/life balance.

Job titles slightly differ from agency to agency, and candidates find this really important; they want the job title that they feel reflects their experience. So an Account Manager at one agency will be a Senior Account Executive at another. From a recruitment point of view this can be a challenge to explain to candidates.

The market has been strong this year with most agencies reporting a growth in staff - and likewise, we have had our busiest year so far. May the growth continue!

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