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Using Social Media to Screen Applicants? Why Not Use it to Recruit?

There's a huge disparity between the use of social media to evaluate an applicants's suitability and the use of social media to attract candidates. read more

Added on 11.11.2016

The Key to Employee Motivation?

Do higher wages always mean a productive team, or is there something else management need to do to ensure highly motivated and engaged employees? read more

Added on 03.08.2016

PR & Communications CVs - Simple Dos and Don'ts

A few tips from a PR recruiter who has seen far too many bad CVs! A companion article for our guide to writing a killer PR & Communications CV. read more

Added on 04.06.2016

Interview Questions You're Likely to be Asked - and How to Respond

At interview and asked something seemingly random? Your interviewer is likely trying to build a picture of you the person, rather than you the worker. read more

Added on 06.04.2016

Why Leadership Helps You Recruit, And How To Demonstrate It

Staff motivation cannot be bought with good facilities and financial incentives. Leadership is a vital part of engagement and, therefore, recruitment. read more

Added on 29.03.2016

Is Your Company Blog Part of Your Recruitment Strategy?

A call to employers: think about devoting more time and resources to blogging. Done right, it can attract the sort of people you want to work for you! read more

Added on 21.08.2015

Build Staff Retention Into Your Recruitment Process

Successful recruitment is placing the right person in the right role within a short time, who will stay in that role for a long time. How to do this? read more

Added on 22.05.2015

Measuring Employee Engagement: a Quick Guide

The data to gather to see whether or not your efforts to create a workplace culture conducive to great performance and happy staff are working. read more

Added on 28.04.2015

Preventing Talent Poaching: the Key is Employee Engagement

Your competitors want your best people to work for them. The only way to stop this is by fostering a strong, happy employee and corporate culture. read more

Added on 09.04.2015

Employee Ninja Skills: Confronting Your Boss

You're going to have to lock horns with your manager at some point; that's just the way it works. Here's what to bear in mind when it happens. read more

Added on 03.02.2015
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