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CVs still vital in recruitment, so get spelling and grammar right!

With all the emphasis on social media these days, you might be forgiven for thinking that the humble CV was becoming increasingly unneccessary when compared to, for example, a LinkedIn profile.

There has even been talk from some quarters that a LinkedIn profile can replace a CV.

Added on 19.03.2012

At PR Futures we still consider CVs to be very, very important - and all the recruiters we speak to on a regular basis all share this view. It is imperative that candidates get this document right; if it doesn’t reflect their skills correctly then clients will not want to interview them. Clients want to see CVs - especially in PR, as this is a document that shows off writing and drafting skills.

This is not to say that LinkedIn profiles are not important (LinkedIn is good tool for head-hunting); but you need both, and they both need to be detailed and reflect key skills and achievements.

Indeed, only 22% of respondents in a recent survey of over 1000 people (carried out on LinkedIn too!) believed that LinkedIn had replaced (or was capable of replacing) the CV as an 'at a glance' assessment tool; and 67% of poll respondents stated that LinkedIn should never be used in isolation when looking at hiring someone.

Employers have no patience with bad spelling and grammar

So, with this in mind, it's worth noting that bad grammar and spelling on your CV can destroy your chances of interview in a flash. A poll undertaken by the Nicoll Curtin agency last year asked 550 employers what the single thing most likely to have them throw a CV in the bin was; from 65% of them the answer was 'spelling mistakes and poor grammar'.

It's not hard to see why: any text editor worth its salt has built in spelling and grammar checks. If you can't or won't use them then that's not exactly a ringing endorsement of your knowledge of basic office technology or attention to detail now is it?

Need help with your CV?

We've more advice on preparing a great CV in our Jobseeker Tips section.

Work Life Balance Being Recognised?

Interestingly (and perhaps encouragingly) the survey also showed that only 3% of respondents found gaps in the work record to be their 'deal-breaker' when considering to invite a candidate for interview. Does this indicate a greater acceptance of work/life balance and sabbaticals undertaken for personal development, or does it reflect awareness of the impact the economic situation has had on job stability and the employment market in recent years?