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Recruiting & Interview Advice

If you're not getting the best results from your recruitment then you need to read these articles. Practical, actionable tips and advice.

The Worst Job Advert Ever? Mistakes You Can Avoid

Part of a job ad's purpose is to put off unsuitable candidates, but the right way to do this is via positive attraction. What to do, what to avoid. read more

Added on 06.07.2020

Interviews: Does 'Doing it the Old-Fashioned Way' Still Work?

Here we are in late 2019, still interviewing like it was 1989. Why not change these outdated processes?   read more

Added on 11.11.2019

The Right Way to Check Employment References

There's no better safeguard against hiring the wrong person than seeing whether or not their references confirm the impression you got at interview. read more

Added on 16.10.2018

Build Staff Retention Into Your Recruitment Process

Successful recruitment is placing the right person in the right role within a short time, who will stay in that role for a long time. How to do this? read more

Added on 22.05.2015

Get Your Employees To Run Your Recruitment Process

Radical idea? Not really as radical as you might think, and it's one that is crammed with potential opportunities and benefits for your business. read more

Added on 07.12.2014

Great questions to ask nearly any interviewee

Questions for interviewers that should suit almost any interview for any role, organised according to the type of information they should give you. read more

Added on 18.05.2014

Four Interview Questions That Employers Should Always Ask

Four brilliant questions that should get an interesting discussion going and help any interviewer get past the CV to the person they're interviewing. read more

Added on 03.03.2014

How to write job adverts that attract the right applicants

It's a sad fact that many job adverts contain exactly the same sorts of mistakes that employers or recruiters find unforgiveable on CVs. read more

Added on 13.01.2014

Employers: Time to Look at your Interview Process?

Business coaches and troubleshooters report that far too many businesses give too little thought to their recruitment. Are you one of them? read more

Added on 11.08.2013