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Recruitment Strategy

Always Be Recruiting. Decisions that employers should be making if they want to make their recruitment process easier.

Use Social Media to Screen Applicants? Why Not to Recruit?

There's a huge disparity between the use of social media to evaluate an applicants's suitability and the use of social media to attract candidates. read more

Added on 11.11.2016

Is The Company Blog Part of Your Recruitment Strategy?

Employers: think about devoting more time and resources to blogging. Done right, it can attract the sort of people you want to work for you! read more

Added on 21.08.2015

Passive Candidates: What NOT To Do, and How To Attract Them

They're not really looking, but that's not to say that they couldn't be tempted to consider a change of scene. How best to go about doing this? read more

Added on 07.01.2015

Employers - Here's How to Build a Better Talent Pool

Do you know how engaged and enthused the people in your network are about your business? Are you sure they even understand your business? read more

Added on 11.09.2014

Candidate Attraction: the Art of Positive Candidate Experience

For the best candidates - the ones you really need - competition is fierce. To attract great candidates you must be an employer of choice. read more

Added on 04.04.2014

Employers: Time to Make Room for Generalists?

A wake up call for employers to recognise that they could be missing a trick by overlooking candidates with wider skills and knowledge. read more

Added on 19.03.2014

Costly Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A look at various things that should be done to make sure that your company is not one of those that ends up paying the price for poor recruitment. read more

Added on 09.02.2014