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EMPLOYERS: open letters from a recruiter

Less direct advice and more food for thought: stuff that we as recruiters need to get off our chest!

Why Should My Business Use a Recruitment Agency?

Our clients return to us again and again because of the benefits they see in partnering with us. Here's eight reasons niche recruiters deliver. read more

Added on 04.06.2020

Why multiple candidate representation hurts everyone

If a client has two agencies putting forward the same candidate for the same job it makes everyone look bad - but whose fault is it? read more

Added on 13.09.2014

The WRONG way to save money on recruitment costs

It's tempting to try to reduce costs by slashing recruitment margins. Before you consider this, remember the old saying 'you get what you pay for'. read more

Added on 14.06.2014

Five Steps to Make Your Recruiting Process Easier

Most companies need to work on attracting better candidates, improve their interview process and stop making costly recruitment mistakes. Learn how! read more

Added on 01.06.2014

CIPD Study Highlights Concerns About Youth Recruitment

A study carried out by the CIPD has revealed that there is widening gulf and serious expectations gap between young adults and employers in the UK. read more

Added on 10.06.2013

Busting the myths about recruitment consultants

Bit of a rant this one, but we felt it was time to set the record straight! Three (all too common) myths about recruitment consultants busted. read more

Added on 20.04.2013