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Career & Workplace Advice

Salary negotiation, handling a new job or a promotion, reputation management (both online and off) and more - best practice for those looking to rise.

So, You Want To Change Careers?

Many people dislike their job. Currently there's time to reflect and consider a new career. Some advice from someone who did it and never looked back. read more

Added on 06.05.2020

Employee Ninja Skills: Confronting Your Boss

You're going to have to lock horns with your manager at some point; that's just the way it works. Here's what to bear in mind when it happens. read more

Added on 03.02.2015

Office Reputation Crash Course, Part 2: As a Team Member

Second part of a two-part article on how to build a reputation that others will envy and want to emulate, specifically as part of a team. read more

Added on 16.11.2014

Office Reputation Crash Course, Part 1: You

People are as good as they are seen to be: not fair, but true. Things that you can do to foster the correct image of yourself as an individual. read more

Added on 03.10.2014

How to negotiate the best salary

Don't shoot yourself in the foot when negotiating salary. Handle it right and you'll not only improve your present finances but future prospects too. read more

Added on 03.04.2014

How to Handle Your Promotion

This can be an awkward transition to make, but make it you must if you are to be an effective and respected manager of your new team. read more

Added on 08.01.2013

Performance Appraisals: nothing to be afraid of

A performance appraisal should really be a valuable learning experience for the manager and a development experience for the employee. read more

Added on 10.12.2012