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COVID-19 and its impact on the office environment

Coronavirus has changed the way many of us work, and the changes could be permanent.

Getting a Raise or Promotion Whilst Working Remotely

If you want a promotion or a raise, how can you get noticed for the right reasons whilst everyone is working from home? read more

Added on 26.10.2020

Protecting Your Mental Health Whilst Working at Home

Working at home prevents us from having our usual daily interactions. What can we do to stay healthy in mind as well as body? read more

Added on 05.06.2020

Coronavirus: Preparing the Office for Returning Employees

We are seeing the first attempts to lift the coronavirus lockdown and get us all back to work. What exactly could that look like for office workers? read more

Added on 15.05.2020

Five Ways You Can Stand Out To Your Employer

With talk about economic downturn, redundancies might be in the offing. Establish yourself as an invaluable team member and boost your prospects. read more

Added on 06.05.2020

Top Tips for On-boarding A New Employee Remotely

Some tips and tools to make sure that your remote employees have a thoughtful on-boarding experience. read more

Added on 05.05.2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Based on the Chancellor's speech itself and information on the GOV.UK website, here's what we know so far - and what we don't yet know. read more

Added on 24.03.2020

PR Futures' Tips for Working from Home

When working at home it is surprisingly easy to get into bad habits. Ten tips on how to stay focused and keep your productivity levels up. read more

Added on 20.03.2020